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Demonology Tee

Demonology Tee

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People. Places. Things. I’m afraid of nouns.

This heather grey Comfort Colors tee features an antisocial butterfly, and some of my favorite nouns from my upcoming album: 

demons, time machine, therapist, exorcist, porn, VHS, family, report card, marching band, gel pen, braces, acne, pizza, shame, novels, blood, dumpsters, heavy metal band, dolphin necklace, skin, sunlight, sex talk, religion, mirror, vampires, pterodactyls, aliens, robots, hair, nail polish, heart, cartoon, girlfriend, anxiety, intuition, secrets, bathtub, birthday, cannibal, Hannibal, neurobiology, trepanation, lobotomy, house plant, sweat pants, cuticles, skull, myself, insect, party, chrysalis, metamorphosis, bugs, arms, legs, guts, AOL instant messenger, cult, church, antichrist, angel, heaven, mansion, sin, father, end times, pagan, nightmare, witch, candles, crystal, hell, protection, ex, heathen, effigy, faith, abandonment, tooth, rehab, mother, friend, lover, dinner, dentist, mouth, illness, string, martinis, NDA, sex tape, politicians, truth, proof, dreams, career, attorney, cologne, glass, flames, crucifix, spider, attic, hospital, hoarder, brain, boxes, lives, past, future, corpse, skeleton, dinosaurs, funeral, eulogy, goodbye.

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